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Hi! This is the home of 10 Minute I.S. Paper (TMISP),
by Blair Wang.

This is a podcast on which I read an Information Systems (I.S.) research paper and summarise the main points in a max. 10 minute podcast episode.

Listen and subscribe using any of the above 🎧😃 (also available through this website’s episodes page, Pocketcasts, and RSS).

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Please note that TMISP is a personal project by Blair Wang. TMISP is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any institution. The comments made on TMISP express the personal reflections and interpretations of Blair Wang on published research papers, but do not represent the views of any authors, editors, publishers or universities. Thank you for your understanding.

Which I.S. papers have been covered on the podcast?

Ep. 28 – Data Is The New Protein? (Tremblay et al. 2023) | 2 Sep. 2023
Tremblay, M. C., Kohli, R., & Rivero, C. (2023). ‘Data is the New Protein: How the Commonwealth of Virginia Built Digital Resilience Muscle and Rebounded from Opioid and COVID Shocks’, MIS Quarterly, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 423-449.

Ep. 27 – Maladaptive Responses to Information Systems Security Behaviours (Balozian et al. 2023) | 7 Jan. 2023
Balozian, P., Burns, A. J., & Leidner, D. E. (2023). ‘An Adversarial Dance: Toward an Understanding of Insiders’ Responses to Organizational Information Security Measures’, Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS), vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 161-221.

Ep. 26 – Social Media Stockholm Syndrome (Rinaudo et al. 2022) and Algorithmic Abstinence (Hannon et al. 2022) | 10 Dec. 2022
Rinaudo, N. B., Matook, S., & Dennis, A. R. (2022). ‘Social Media’s Stockholm Syndrome: A Literature Review of User’s Love and Hate’, paper presented at the Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS), Melbourne (Australia). — and — Hannon, O., Gal, U., & Dar-Nimrod, I. (2022). ‘Aversion vs. Abstinence: Conceptual Distinctions for the Receptivity Toward Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems Within Value-laden Contexts’, paper presented at the Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS), Melbourne (Australia).

Ep. 25 – The Tensions of Information Systems Security Behaviours (Karjalainen et al. 2019) | 19 Nov. 2022
Karjalainen M., Sarker S., & Siponen M. (2019), ‘Toward a Theory of Information Systems Security Behaviors of Organizational Employees: A Dialectical Process Perspective’, Information Systems Research (ISR), vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 687-704,

Ep. 24 – Mundane Technologies (Paavola and Cuthbertson 2022) | 30 Jul. 2022
Paavola L. & Cuthbertson R. (2022), ‘Transformative Power of Mundane Technologies in Institutional Change’, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS),

Ep. 23 – Dynamic Capabilities (Steininger et al. 2022) | 26 Mar. 2022
Steininger D.M., Mikalef P., Pateli A. & Ortiz-de-Guinea A. (2022), ‘Dynamic Capabilities in Information Systems Research: A Critical Review, Synthesis of Current Knowledge, and Recommendations for Future Research’, Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS),

Ep. 22 – Interoperability and Digital Innovation (Hodapp and Hanelt 2022) | 12 Mar. 2022
Hodapp D. & Hanelt A. (2022), ‘Interoperability in the Era of Digital Innovation: An Information Systems Research Agenda’, Journal of Information Technology

Ep. 21 – Paradoxical Tensions of Agile Project Management (Iivari 2021) | 26 Feb. 2022
Iivari J. (2021), ‘A Paradox Lens to Systems Development Projects: The Case of the Agile Software Development’, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, vol. 49,

Ep. 20 – A Ubichronic Perspective of Time (Ivaturi and Chua 2021) | 21 Aug. 2021
Ivaturi and Chua (2021), ‘Rethinking Time: Ubichronic Time and Its Impact on Work’, European Journal of Information Systems

Ep. 19 – Human in the Algorithmic Loop (Grønsund and Aanestad 2020) | 8 Aug. 2021
Grønsund T. & Aanestad M. (2020), ‘Augmenting the Algorithm: Emerging Human-in-the-Loop Work Configurations’, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, vol. 29, no. 2,

Ep. 18 – Privacy Perspectives and Monero Cryptocurrency (Renwick and Gleasure 2021) | 26 Mar. 2021
Renwick R. & Gleasure R. (2021), ‘Those Who Control the Code Control the Rules: How Different Perspectives of Privacy Are Being Written Into the Code of Blockchain Systems’, Journal of Information Technology,

Ep. 17 – The Ontological Reversal (Baskerville et al 2020) | 21 Nov. 2020
Baskerville R. L., Myers M. D., & Yoo Y. (2020), ‘Digital First: The Ontological Reversal and New Challenges for Information Systems Research’, MIS Quarterly,

Ep. 16 – Envy on Social Media (Wu and Srite 2020) | 14 Nov. 2020
Wu J. & Srite M. (2020), ‘Envy on Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’, International Journal of Information Management

Ep. 15 – The Future(s) of Knowledge Work Post-COVID-19 (Wang et al 2020) | 7 Nov. 2020
Wang B., Schlagwein D., Cecez-Kecmanovic D., & Cahalane M. C. (2020), ‘Beyond the Factory Paradigm: Digital Nomadism and the Digital Future(s) of Knowledge Work Post-COVID-19’, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 21(6), pp. 1379-1401,

Ep. 14 – Tracing Normiefication (De Zeeuw et al 2020) | 31 Oct. 2020
De Zeeuw D., Hagen S., Peeters S., & Jokubauskaite E. (2020), ‘Tracing Normiefication: A Cross-Platform Analysis of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory’, First Monday,

Ep. 13 – Powered by Qinghuai (情怀) (Xiao et al 2020) | 24 Oct. 2020
Xiao X., Tan B., Leong C., & Tan F. T. C. (2020), ‘Powered by “Qinghuai”: The Melding of Traditional Values and Digital Entrepreneurship in Contemporary China’, Information Systems Journal,

Ep. 12 – Web-Conferencing Affordances and Constraints (Hacker et al 2020) | 17 Oct. 2020
Hacker J., Vom Brocke J., Handali J., Otto M., & Schneider J. (2020), ‘Virtually in This Together – How Web-Conferencing Systems Enabled a New Virtual Togetherness During the COVID-19 Crisis’, European Journal of Information Systems,

Ep. 11 – What Happens to Shadow IT? (Fürstenau et al 2020) | 10 Oct. 2020
Fürstenau D., Rothe H. & Sandner M. (2020), Leaving the Shadow: A Configurational Approach to Explain Post-Identification Outcomes of Shadow IT Systems’, Business & Information Systems Engineering,

Ep. 10 – Societal Governance for COVID-19 Apps (Riemer et al 2020) | 03 Oct. 2020
Riemer K., Ciriello R., Peter S. & Schlagwein D. (2020), ‘Digital Contact-Tracing Adoption in the COVID-19 Pandemic: IT Governance for Collective Action at the Societal Level’, European Journal of Information Systems

Ep. 9 – Alienation and Solutionism in COVID-19 Apps (Rowe et al 2020) | 26 Sep. 2020
Rowe F., Ngwenyama O. & Richet J.-L. (2020). ‘Contact-Tracing Apps and Alienation in the Age of COVID-19’, European Journal of Information Systems,

Ep. 8 – IT and Societal Change: Affordances and Logics (Faik et al 2020) | 19 Sep. 2020
Faik I., Barrett M., & Oborn E. (2020). ‘How Information Technology Matters in Societal Change: An Affordance-based Institutional Logics Perspective’, MIS Quarterly, vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 1359-1390,

Ep. 7 – Emergent Digital Transformation (Chanias et al 2019) | 12 Sep. 2020
Chanias S., Myers M.D., & Hess T. (2019). ‘Digital Transformation Strategy Making in Pre-Digital Organizations: The Case of a Financial Services Provider’, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 17-33,

Ep. 6 – Sense-Giving During a Crisis (Mirbabaie et al 2020) | 4 Sep. 2020
Mirbabaie M., Bunker D., Stieglitz S., Marx J., & Ehnis C. (2020). ‘Social Media in Times of Crisis: Learning From Hurricane Harvey for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Response’, Journal of Information Technology, vol. 35, no. 5,

Ep. 5 – Heautopticon (De Moya and Pallud 2020) | 28 Aug. 2020
De Moya J.-M. & Pallud J. (2020), ‘From Panopticon to Heautopticon: A New Form of Surveillance Introduced by Quantified-Self Practices’, Information Systems Journal.

Ep. 4 – COVID-19 and Liquid Modernity (Doyle and Conboy 2020) | 21 Aug. 2020
Doyle R. & Conboy, K. (2020), ‘The Role of IS in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Liquid-Modern Perspective’, International Journal of Information Management.

Ep. 3 – The Living Lab of the Denver Smart City (Bartelt et al 2020) | 14 Aug. 2020
Bartelt V. L., Urbaczewski A., Mueller A. G., & Sarker S. (2020), ‘Enabling Collaboration and Innovation in Denver’s Smart City Through a Living Lab: A Social Capital Perspective’, European Journal of Information Systems.

Ep. 2 – Heteromation (Ekbia and Nardi 2014) | 8 Aug. 2020
Ekbia H. & Nardi B. (2014), ‘Heteromation and Its (Dis)contents: The Invisible Division of Labour Between Humans and Machines’, First Monday, vol. 19, no. 6.

All episodes are published under the Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivatives Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0 AU) license.